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Welcome to our prayer page. Do you have a concern you would like us to join you in prayer for? You may share your request with us by filling out the submission form. 

Our Prayer Ministry Team will pray over each and every request!

If you wish to make the request public, be sure to check the "Make Public" check box.  This will allow others to also pray for your request.  If you do not want your request to be public, simply set this option to "No" and it will only be viewed by our prayer team.

We reserve the right not to publish some requests.  Requests that are too graphic or identify other people through the information or circumstances may be edited before posting for the public or not posted at all.

It is a pleasure for the members of our team to pray for every request whether it is public or private!




Name Date Category Title Request
Sid Nelson September 3, 2018 Healing Prayer For Healing My doctor recently found a suspicious looking mole on my toe on my right foot.i go in for a biopsy Sept. 5.Please pray for me on this issue.i am a Christian and I appreciate your prayers.Sid Nelson Alabama
Quentin Styger October 19, 2018 Help Unity Good day Church Board, I have an issue that has not been voted on by the GC in Session and I would I would like for the board to vote to move this issue up the proper channels to be addressed by the GC in Session. According to Elder, and GC President, Ted Wilson the issue of women being elected to the position of elder (which has bilateral spiritual headship over the church with the pastoral position) has never been addressed nor affirmed through a GC in Session. We now have a growing concern with regard to church unity because of this oversight and that concern is that unions and divisions within the global church don't know how to conduct themselves as a matter of conscience. Many believe that because local church governments have been given the authority to make women the spiritual head of the church that they should be allowed to also employ them to do so, which is a fair position to take because the GC in Session has never addressed the issue of headship. How do we get our church leaders to look at and address this issue?